Vermicelli (Semiiya) Pola – Recipe Book

Vermicelli (Semiiya) Pola

┬áVermicelli pola is an easy Malabar style ifthar snack. Try this quick recipe and leave your feed back’s in the comment box belolw.


  1. Egg-3 large
  2. Cardamom powder-1/4 tsp
  3. Sugar-1/2 cup
  4. Milk-1 cup
  5. Thin vermicelli-1/2 cup
  6. Ghee-2 1/2 tbsp
  7. Cashew-few
  8. Raisins-few


  • Mix egg, sugar and cardamom powder.
  • When they combine well; add milk and mix again.
  • Heat a non stick pan with 2 tsp of ghee; fry cashew and raisins. Take it out from the pan.
  • In to the same pan add vermicelli and roast for few minutes.
  • Keep it aside.
  • In the pan, add 1/2 tsp of ghee and add half of the egg mix.
  • Cover the lid and cook on low flame for 5 minutes.
  • After 5 minutes; open the pan and spread vermicelli evenly on top.
  • Cover it again; cook another 5 minutes.
  • Open the lid and garnish on top with fried cashew and raisins.
  • Once again close the lid and cook for another 10 minutes on low flame.
  • Now carefully turn in to other side and cook 5 minutes more.
  • Cut in to slices after cools down.
Vermicelli (Semiiya) Pola

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